Counseling for Adults, Teens, & Kids 

Pasadena, Maryland

If you’re struggling, know there’s support.

To grow we must experience change. And in change we may experience struggle.

You’re life feels unmanageable right now. Maybe things are not what you expected them to be. Everything seems like a struggle when it shouldn’t.

You friends and family don’t understand you or your struggles, often leaving you feeling like nobody is listening and alone. 

Maybe you doubt everything you do. Always making an effort to be better, do better but it’s never enough.

Having someone who can sit beside you while you navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life, whether its a transition like motherhood or a mental health need like depression, we know counseling can help. 

The value of counseling comes from the connection you create with your therapist. That connection creates moments where you can feel heard, seen, and supported.

No one should have to go through life without those moments. We can help – through individual, family, or couples counseling in Pasadena, MD.

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Our Services

Couples Counseling

We offer couples counseling to address:

»  Conflict within the relationship

» Communication patterns

» Distrust and disconnection

» Parenting conflict

Family Counseling

We offer family counseling to address concerns like:

» Conflict within the home

» Child-Parent communication issues

» Sibling conflict

» Adult Child-Parent conflict

Online Counseling

We offer online counseling:

» To provide better access to services

» To support your busy lifestyle

» To provide ongoing care when you’re unable to make it in or caring for others

Parenting Support

Concerns we work with include:

» Parenting Strategies

» Accomodating anxious behaviors of children

»  Attachment and attunement with your child/teen

Group Therapy

Group therapy can help in the following ways:

» Support with others who understand where you are and have similiar struggles

»  A way to form new relationships


Are you a mental health professional seeking consultation or clinical supervision? We offer both supervision and consultation in helping you become the best clinician you can be.

Welcome to Turning Stone Counseling- Where our Family is your Family!

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