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Counseling for Adults, Teens, & Children in Pasadena, Maryland

If you’re struggling, know there’s support.

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To grow we must experience change. And in change we may experience struggle.

You’re life feels unmanageable right now. Maybe things are not what you expected them to be. Everything seems like a struggle when it shouldn’t.

You friends and family don’t understand you or your struggles, often leaving you feeling like nobody is listening and alone.

Maybe you doubt everything you do. Always making an effort to be better, do better but it’s never enough.

Having someone who can sit beside you while you navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life, whether its a transition like motherhood or a mental health need like depression, we know counseling can help.

The value of counseling comes from the connection you create with your therapist. That connection creates moments where you can feel heard, seen, and supported.

No one should have to go through life without those moments. We can help – through individual, family, or couples counseling in Pasadena, MD.

Our Services

Child on floor with therapy playing a game- Child therapy in Pasadena, Maryland at Turning Stone Counseling

Child Therapy

Teenager sitting on couch with her phone in her hands while therapist is across from them - Teen therapy in Pasadena Maryland - Turning Stone Counseling

Teen Counseling

Women sitting across the chair from a therapist looking down- Young Adult Counseling in Pasadena Maryland- Turning Stone Counseling

Young Adult Counseling

Women sitting across from therapist in office- Adult therapy in Pasadena Maryland - Turning Stone Counseling

Adult Counseling

A mom, dad, child and therapist sitting in a room talking- Family therapy in Pasadena, Maryland

Family Therapy

A couple and a therapist holding a writing pad look down- Couples counseling in Pasadena, Maryland

Couples Counseling

Five adults sitting in chairs in circle while therapist talks to them- Group Therapy in Pasadena, Maryland

Group therapy

Welcome to Turning Stone Counseling- Where our Family is your Family!

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