About Turning Stone Counseling

Counseling in Pasadena, MD and throughout all of Maryland


Why we do it!

Our team knows how difficult it is to ask for help. To feel stuck and like you have now direction or way out.

Counseling means so much more than the skills we have. Its about the connection and relationship we form with our clients. Its about the hope we see as you start to make progress. Its about the pain we hold space for as you navigate this thing called LIFE!



Our Story

Growing out of a need to do our best client work while having flexibility to support our personal lives, Turning Stone Counseling grew!

Over time the need for mental health support has grown. Our team has grown and we can now support so many more people.


Commitment to Inclusivity and Social Justice

“Inclusion is the only safety if we are to have a peaceful world.” 

Pearl Buck

We are an inclusive to all practice.We are an anti-racist practice. We are a practice that is continuing to recognize and become aware of all of the work we still need to do to address Equity and Accessibility in Mental Health care. We promise to continue to do the work.

We created 3 Anxiety Archetypes...

Take our 2-Minute Quiz and find out which archetype you represent, and what you can do about the ways in which you uniquely experience anxiety... CLICK HERE