About Turning Stone Counseling

Our Mission

It’s hard to see where you’re going when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unheard. Through authentic connection with our clients, we help you feel supported and heard while giving you the strategies you need to get unstuck. Moving you towards the life you want.

Our Guiding Principles & Values

Authentic Connection: We create experiences that are genuine & thoughtful which allow people to feel at ease and connected.

Listening: We are fully present, attentive, and curious when engaging in conversations because clients feel better when they are heard. 

Creativity: We harness our creative selves which allow you to have deeper connections. 

Inclusivity: We are accepting of all individuals.

Do your own work: We know our growth edges and are continuously working towards improving them.


About Our Practice

Turning Stone Counseling has been treating individuals, children, and families for over four years. We offer a safe and inviting space for you to let down your guard, build connection, and feel heard through a listening ear. Through authentic and compassionate connection we help you achieve your goals. Our therapists use various interventions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Meet Our Clinicians

Carlada Razmus

Individual, Group, Family, Couples, 12+

Ashley Augustine

Family, 4+

Kristine Purcell

Individual, Family, Couples, Group, 7+

Madeline Myers

Family, 11+

Devon White

Individual, 18+

Emily Mahoney

Individual, 18+

Samantha Harris

Family, 12+

Terese Reamer


We created 3 Anxiety Archetypes...

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