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Adult Counseling

Helping Adults get Unstuck and Moving towards their goals

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Adult Counseling

Feeling stuck whether its making a decision or experiencing conflicting emotions can led you to feel paralyzed. Getting unstuck takes patience and someone to bounce your thoughts off of in a non-judgemental way.

You’re struggling in your relationships and unsure how to handle the feelings that your experiencing. Relationships are what ground us so when they are disrupted our whole world feels like its been shifted. Talking through what your experiencing can benefit not just you but your relationship.


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Adult range of concerns:


Anxiety and OCD

Trauma & PTSD

→ Relationship Struggles

→ Family Conflict

→ Grief and Loss

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Types of Adult Therapy

→Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

→Mindfulness Based Strategies

→Acceptance-Commitment Therapy

→ Internal Family Systems

→ Somatic Based Therapies

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Counseling for Adults can provide

A space to feel heard and seen

Strategies to help you manage your emotions in healthy ways

Identify patterns in your behaviors 

Navigate family and attachment wounds

Improve self-worth and self-compassion

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