Brielle Gourley- Intern in Pasadena, MD

Meet Brielle Gourley Intern

Focusing on Anxiety, Depression, School issues in Children, Tweens, & Teens in Pasadena, MD

About Brielle Gourley

I am an Graduate Student in a Practicum through McDaniel College. I am working towards my Masters in Counseling.

My journey into the mental health field started in college. That’s when it hit me just how important it is to pay attention to our mental well-being. I’ve always had this want for helping people, so I decided to continue my education into this field. Nowadays, with everyone talking about mental health, I’m all in for helping people uncover their best selves. I’m on a mission to make sure everyone gets the support they need to achieve their goals and be their best selves.



Parenting & Families

School Issues


Insurance & Fees

Self-Pay/Reduced Rate

Education, Certifications, & License

Currently attending McDaniel College

I hope to graduate with my Masters in Counseling in Summer 2024.

Under Supervision of Carlada Razmus LCPC.

My Approach

I believe that self-awareness and communication are skills one needs to have a great relationship with the client. It is very important for me to be able to get to know the my client, allowing me to give them the best assistance.

I believe that the more knowledge my clients learn about themselves the more they are able to grow and learn, moving through their experiences. Being able to communicate well and having my clients understand what this process looks like is also important. I am still learning and growing in this field, but I believe I can be a guiding path for you to heal. 

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to work with my clients. 

Fun facts about me

I love to watch movies and television because it gives me a break from the stressors in my life.

I recently got back into reading and very much enjoy the relaxation it brings.

I also love animals and have a dog named Dixon.

I always find the most enjoyment being with my friends and family.

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