Carlada Razmus LCPC

Meet Carlada Razmus LCPC MAC

Specializing in Anxiety & OCD, Parenting & Families, Trauma, Pregnancy & Beyond, Recovery from Substances in Pasadena, MD

About Carlada Razmus

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Maryland. I have been in the mental health/addiction field for 23 years; licensed for 16. I am the owner of Turning Stone Counseing and love the family we have created in our small community. I believe that counseling works with the right fit, the right goals, and the right foundation.

Therapy is a process! There is nothing quick and fast when you work with me. We pace our work so that you can feel supported but also grounded. Working with me does require the deeper work, at times the harder work. Every step we take forward is an example of the hard work that my clients acheive by sticking through it even when they want to give up. 


Ages 14+

Individual Therapy

Teen Therapy

Young Adult Therapy

Adult Therapy

Family Therapy

Couples Counseling

Parenting Support

Pregnancy and Mental Health




Parenting & Families


Relationship Struggles

Life Transitions

Perintal (pre and post pregnancy for both parents)

Insurance & Fees

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • John Hopkins EHP/USHP
  • Tricare
  • Self-Pay

Education, Certifications & License

2007 graduate of University of Baltimore in Counseling Psychology.

I have certifications in EMDR, Perinatal Mental Health, ExRP for OCD (Exposure Response Prevention). And hold a Master of Addiction Counselor Certification.

I have additional trainings in Gottman Level 1 & 2, DBT, ACT, and Lisa Ferentz Level 1 Trauma training.

LC3507-Maryland LCPC  expires 1/31/2024

My Approach

I believe in the importance of having a connection with all of my clients. Without it I find it difficult to make progress. I also believe that connection can happen immediately or over many years. I want my clients to feel like they know what to expect from me, which sometimes is the unexpected. The relationship I form with my clients is often filled with laughter, sadness, frustration, and curiosity.

I use many different strategies & interventions to help my clients reach their goals. Foundationally I want all of my clients to develop a deeper understanding of how they got here and how to listen to their bodies to help them acheive their goals. Most of the time when we are not in tune to what our bodies are telling us we then become symptomatic.

Clients who work best with me

√ Those who want to understand the connection between the stories they grew up believing and the ones they want to create. 

√ Clients who are willing to go at the pace that aligns with their body. 

√ Clients who want to find themselves and are willing to risk being vunerable to acheive this.

√ Clients who are willing to be creative in trying different strategies to acheive their goals. 

Fun facts about me

I enjoy reading and nature, espcially if I can do them together.

I have developed a love for hummingbirds and sitting on my porch watching the squirrels and birds fight over food.

Traveling is important to me and my family. Our most favorite destination is Aruba “One Happy Island”.

I am a mom, business owner, wife, and friend which makes for a busy life.

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