Counseling For Anxiety

Are you feeling overcome with fear and panic? Do your thoughts get in the way of making movement in your life? Are you so overwhelmed that you’re shut down or feel like you’re in a can’t move state? Anxiety can do all of these at various times in our lives. 

Anxiety is one of the most common struggles us humans experience in our lives. It can range from mild (and manageable) to severe (and debilitating). You may feel like you understand it, you’ve read about it, yet it still overwhelms you. Counseling for anxiety can help.

Signs of Concern

  • Overthinking
  • Worry that won’t go away or that you can’t make sense of
  • Thinking too far ahead or always staying stuck in the past.
  • Physically feel ill (including panic attacks, difficulty breathing, sweating or ‘warming up’, get ‘sick to your stomach’)
  • Inability to concentrate and focus
  • Racing thoughts
  • More emotional than what you would call your normal
  • Sleep is a struggle (can’t fall asleep due to worry and overthinking; have interrupted sleep)
  • Notice that when the anxiety is too high you then get depressed.
  • Fearful of things that prevent you from creating movement in your life.
  • Impacts the enjoyment of the things you love to do and/or good at

Benefits of Counseling

  • Helps you understand what is happening in your body.
  • Provides tools or strategies that work to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Reduces the anxiety and helps you feel more in ‘control’ of what is happening
  • Helps you identify and re-wire those unhealthy thoughts that get in your way.
  • Helps you to develop mastery of your symptoms so you can lead the life you want.


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Exposure Response Prevention
  • Creative Arts Interventions
  • Dance movement therapy
  • EMDR