Counseling For Parents and Families

As a parent or family member, you want nothing more than to feel connected with your loved one, yet you feel disconnected and unable to find ways to communicate with them. Maybe the challenge of their struggle has created the disconnection. Or maybe there’s just too much fighting and arguing that the family feels fragmented.

Parenting, connecting to your loved ones shouldn’t be such a challenge. We believe in the power of connection as much as we believe all members within the family system can play a part in creating a loving and caring family. We know it won’t be easy! We anticipate that! But we know counseling for parents and families can make a difference.

Signs of Concern

  • Inability to communicate with family members
  • Power struggles that prevent movement
  • High levels of agitation and reactivity the prevents connection
  • Loss of Respect for family member
  • Inability to grieve the change or loss within the family system

Benefits of Counseling

  • Understand how families function and you’re not alone!

  • Learn and build in healthier ways to communicate

  • Establish a framework for the family system ‘everyone’ can agree to. 

  • Provide supportive interventions for parents struggling to parent.


  • Systems Approach to helping the family heal
  • Parenting the Love and Logic Way (™)
  • Psychoeducation and Supportive work
  • Trauma Informed Education for Parents
  • Understanding the role addiction can play in the family system