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Meet our Clinicians

picture of Alexis Hipp LMSW in a circle- turning stone counseling- Pasadena maryland

Alexis Hipp LMSW

Clinical Therapist

Jessica Banger leaning up against our building - Pasadena Maryland - Turning Stone counseling

Jessica Bangel LMSW

Clinical Therapist

Casey Dressel standing next to our building - Pasadena Maryland -Turning Stone Counseling

Casey Dressel LCSW-C

Clinical Therapist

Ashley Steimer LCSW-C- therapist at Turning Stone Counseling in Pasadena, MD

Ashley Steimer LCSW-C

Clinical Therapist

Emily Mahoney LCPC

Emily Mahoney LCPC

Clinical Therapist

picture of Carli Hill- therapist at Turning Stone Counseling in Pasadena Maryland

Carli Hill LMSW

Clinical Therapist

Allison Cowell Therapist at Turning Stone Counseling in Pasadena, MD

Allison Cowell LCPC

Clinical Therapist

Madeline Myers LCPC

Madeline Myers LCPC

Clinical Therapist

Jennifer Berberich

Jennifer Berberich LCSW-C

Clinical Therapist

Kristine Purcell Pasadena maryland

Kristine Purcell LCPC 

Clinical Manager | Therapist

turning-stone-counselling-Ashley Augustine-pasadena-maryland

Ashley Augustine LCSW-C

Clinical Supervisor | Therapist

turning-stone-counseling-Carlada Razmus

Carlada Razmus LCPC

Owner | Therapist

Meet our Interns

Brielle Gourley- Intern in Pasadena, MD

Brielle Gourley

Clinical Intern

Meet our Admin Team

picture of Lauren gross- turning stone counseling- Pasadena maryland<br />

Lauren Gross

Office Manager

Gold circle with womens face drawn - Susan Musick our admin assistant Photo holder

Susan Musick

Administrative Assistant

Choosing a Counselor can be hard!

It’s easy to want to find the best fit on the first try. You are encouraged to explore all of our counselors profiles to find the best fit. And if that is not enough, reach out to us and one of our administrative staff can assist you in finding the right fit. 

You have come this far, don’t give up on the process. Take the time to find the best fit and you will get the results you are looking for. 

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