COVID-19 Practice Update to our Clients and Community:

 January 12, 2021

As our community continues to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 we want to provide an update on our practice guidelines.

We are continuing to see the majority of our clients via our telehealth platform while we navigate the risks for in-person sessions. There have been many benefits to providing telehealth for our clients and we plan on continuing this even when we are able to provide more in-person sessions. 

Our clinicians are assessing which clients are or would benefit best from in-person, discussing the risks with each client, and making a plan prior to providing in-person sessions. We are requiring masks, temperature checks, and screening. And we are ensuring safe practices such as hand-washing, reducing physical touch of door knobs and other higher risk physical spaces in the practice. 

We are still strongly encouraging current clients who have been successful with Telehealth Video Session to continue. We hope this finds you well and we look forward to seeing you in the office soon! To schedule an initial Telehealth session now submit this contact form and our amazing admin will reach out to you.


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