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COVID-19 Practice Update to our Clients and Community:

September 10, 2022

As our community continues to ride the many waves of the COVID we are doing our best to stay diligent in making office conditions as safe as possible for both clients and staff.

We know how valuable telehealth can be with ever changing schedules so we will be maintaining our telehealth services for clients who either request/want to continue or whose insurance will continue to cover telehealth.

We have updated our procedures to continue to ask questions that we deem important to the spread of the COVID virus with every client entering our office space AND we will continue to wear masks at this time. Since we are not requiring proof of vaccination, we see children, and/or have our own children at home; we feel its the most responsible decision for our staff and clients.

We hope this finds you well and we look forward to seeing you in the office soon! To see about our availability please complete this form and our amazing admin will reach out to you.


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