Dance Movement Therapy

Do you find that when you create any kind of movement (working out, running, dancing) that you feel better? Are you finding that a change in how you do therapy is needed? Dance Movement Therapy can help.

We are creatures of movement. We actually do not do well when we don’t move. Even a simple stretch can create changes instantaneously. Dance movement therapy can do that and more. It pairs talk therapy with movement, creating a more lasting and effective change than most counseling modalities.

Movement is an intentional intervention on the part of the therapist, and a choice for the client, never a requirement.

Signs of Concern

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Anger
  • Self esteem struggles
  • Communication within a Relationship
  • Feeling dysregulated

Benefits of Counseling

  • Through talk and movement, the client can connect deeper to the content in the session.
  • Engage the body to move through and heal old wounds that keep it stuck.
  • The body engages the mind to process and interpret meaning in a way far beyond talk therapy alone can do.