Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX

Article provided by: Ascendus Behavioral Health

Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX

Downplaying the impact of drug addiction over time is to sign your own death sentence. At Ascendus Behavioral Health, we understand how devastating untreated addiction can grow over time. We also understand that inpatient treatment is limited in its ability to promote long-term sobriety and relapse prevention. To ensure healthy and sober living for a lifetime, you need something more than that. That’s where our outpatient drug rehab in Fort Worth, TX, shines.

The difference between inpatient and outpatient programs

The inpatient program relies on 24/7 intensive care and supervision to ensure zero risks of relapse. You will remain completely isolated from the outside world during the treatment, which will keep you safe from social and familial triggers. The inpatient program is the most effective at helping patients overcome the withdrawal phase and remain sober short-term. It is more expensive due to the housing services included in the package but delivers fast and reliable results.

The outpatient program always comes second in the rehab structure. It is perfect for individuals who have either completed the inpatient treatment or didn’t need intensive care, to begin with. The outpatient program relies on several hours a week of treatment, therapy, and counseling to help patients reintegrate into society and strengthen their commitment to a sober lifestyle. It is more affordable than the inpatient treatment, and it is the more fitting option for people who can’t postpone their social or professional obligations during treatment.

You can simply return home after each treatment session during the outpatient program, allowing you to hold a job, meet with your family, and pursue your educational obligations as necessary. Pound for pound, the outpatient program is the more fitting option for long-term relapse prevention management and social reintegration, making it as equally important as the inpatient program.

Find the best drug rehab in Fort Worth, TX!

When it comes to prolonged addiction, the recovery process is neither simple nor risk-free. To ensure healthy, safe, and comfortable detox and recovery, we advise joining an inpatient program first, where you can detox and heal in a controlled and secure environment. If your withdrawal or addiction-related symptoms aren’t as severe, you can immediately call our team for a short but in-depth introduction to our IOP.

Our outpatient treatment relies on several recovery programs, including IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program). Each has its own perks and programs, but, generally, they all pursue the same thing – assist patients throughout their transformation journey from victims to independent, strong, and healthy individuals.

Whether you’re an addiction victim seeking redemption or a recovering addict looking to strengthen your commitment to sobriety, our drug rehab in Fort Worth, TX, is the perfect option for you. To make sure you will overcome addiction for good and embrace a sober lifestyle over the years, we advise contacting our rehab specialists today for immediate support.

Ascendus Behavioral Health promotes fast, safe, and reliable recovery from addiction, helping individuals like you transform their lives completely. Call today, ask for an appointment, and we’ll take it over from there.

Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX

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Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX

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