Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Near Me

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Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Near Me

The Heavenly Center offers access to a highly customizable rehabilitation treatment using a holistic protocol to achieve the best results fast. Our drug rehab treatment centers near me are unique in the sense that we separate ourselves from conventional rehab approaches. There are three aspects that make us unique in the rehab business:

1. The Cannabis-Assisted Treatment

Our drug rehab treatment in California incorporates a Cannabis-Assisted Treatment designed to help individuals who are on a cannabis-based treatment plan before arriving at our facility. We can also place you on one, despite not offering cannabis at our facility or promote its use outside medicinal purposes. We are among the few rehabilitation and recovery facilities to have a team of cannabis professionals ready to provide assistance, knowledge, guidance, and support throughout the treatment.

Our team will assess your condition and decide if you qualify for our Cannabis-Assisted Treatment. If you do, you will engage in regular tests so that our professionals can assess your progress and reaction to treatment and tweak the recovery process accordingly. This program allows patients with a medicinal cannabis card to continue their treatment during rehab, whether it’s for combating addiction’s effects or finding relief from various physical, mental, or emotional issues.

2. Unbeaten patient-oriented recovery programs

While many rehab facilities offer personalized drug rehab programs in Ca, none reach our complexity and flexibility. We rely on a structured treatment approach consisting of dozens of recovery programs, each with its own benefits. The intake process will allow you to personalize your recovery journey according to your medical needs, personal preferences, and our experts’ recommendations.

Some of these programs include:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy promoting higher blood oxygen, enhanced physical healing capabilities and boosted physical capabilities
  • Modern devices like Muse, Fisher-Wallace Stimulator, NeoRhythm, Vibration Platform, or the Bio-Feedback bed, promoting relaxation, a more active immune system, and mental clearness, among other things.
  • Reiki healing procedures for improved blood circulation
  • IV therapy for optimal nutritional intake and for correcting mineral and vitamin imbalances, etc.

These are all part of the Lifestyle Program – a holistic recovery system designed to deliver long-lasting benefits.

3. Customized and affordable aftercare services

Finding free drug rehab centers in California may be a stretch, but, fortunately, we have the next best thing. Our low-cost addiction treatment in California, CA, offers both outpatient services and long-term aftercare, medical assistance, and sober living services in case you require them. Completing our rehabilitation program will automatically integrate you into our alumni community, where you can pursue your long-term recovery and sobriety goals while sharing your experience with other patients along the way.

We are also ready to provide comfortable and safe housing for patients who need extra help to get their lives back on track. You can call us today if you have additional questions about our drug rehab treatment centers near me.

The Heavenly Center offers the best outpatient treatment program in California. Call our rehabilitation experts at 855-9THCNOW, make an appointment, and come in for intake, treatment, and long-term recovery planning today!

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