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Family Therapy in Pasadena, Maryland

Supporting families in building better communication

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When you feel like your family is falling apart – Family Therapy can help!

Do you find yourself always yelling at your kids after a long day of work? Are you tired of feeling like nobody hears you in your family? Is the communication so strained everyone avoids being around each other?

Families can grow emotionally distant from one another. Where they no longer share their joys, concerns, or dreams. The lack of emotional connection can leave parents and kids feeling isolated. Or teenagers may find this distance leads to keeping secrets from their parents. 

Whenever conflicts arise, families may sweep issues under the rug rather than addressing them. Thus, avoiding confrontations leads to unresolved tensions that just simmer beneath the surface. 

If you are parenting kids and teens, you may find the conflict arises when neither parent is on the same page. The kids can sense this and naturally find ways to divide the parents so they get their needs met. 

All families struggle!

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“Desperation breeds people who are willing to do anything to get what they need.”

― Sarah J. Maas, Tower of Dawn

When families become aware they are “falling apart”- they quickly go into fix mode; often in all the wrong ways. It is painful to sit back and know you have no control over the chaos of your own home. Knowing your kids or teens are struggling – behaviors rising in the home or at school – can feel impossible to fix. 

Many times there are these things called family ruptures where one person feels like its them against the entire family. This leads to increased conflict and isolation from that person. Depending on how they may get their needs met, acting out or withdrawaling may occur. Ruptures can be repaired if the family is aware of them. 

Families can even fall apart or create ruptures when they are adults. 

Adult children often have their own issues towards their parents pop up into adulthood. This can also lead to conflict and difficulty communicating amongst each other. Sometimes its things not said from childhood or patterns within the relationship that feel critical and over-the-top. 

Parents may find they struggle more with their adult children because they no longer need them. At times its the parents issues that surface and affect the relationship with their adult children.  

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Family Therapy in Pasadena, MD can help

In family counseling, we work individually and as a unit to identify, process, and repair the wounds that have led to the families conflict. Often we find patterns of behaviors that each family member uses to sheild or protect themselves when need or with whom they feel wounded by.

Family therapy can help with the following:

> Improving Communication

> Resolving Conflicts

> Teaching Boundaries

> Rebuilding Trust and Strengthening bonds

> Problem solving

 It will take time to identify and work through each families individual issues but with time and effort each family can heal their wounds. 

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“In family therapy, we don’t heal the individual, we heal the family as a whole. Because when the family is whole, the individual is free to be their authentic self.”

– Unknown

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Find relief today!

At Turning Stone Counseling, we believe that families can heal. Each family is unique and presents with different issues along the way.

Family Therapy  will allow you to experience the following:

› A thorough assessment of how the family has been affected, what has caused the ruptures, and each persons goals.

› Psychoeducation about how families function.

› Tools and strategies to support each person in the family system.

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Our Therapists who work with Families

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we choose a therapist for our family?

It’s important to note that there are Licensed Family therapists whose entire training is in family therapy. If you feel that this resonates you, please check out this registry to find someone

Identify what goals you have and match it up with the therapists you are looking into.

Seeking recommendations from others who have experienced family therapy is a great resource. 

It’s ok to ask for a consultation and/or go for an initial meeting and determine from there if you feel they can support your family. 

What does a family session look like?

Family sessions often start out with the entire family coming to the first session so that an assessment of needs can begin. Thereafter each individual will get their own session to individually explore their needs/concerns. From there we bring all parties back and begin to address issue by issue. 

We normalize the struggles of families here at Turning Stone Counseling. 


How will I know if family therapy is working?

Family therapy can be challenging, navigating many different personalities, feelings/emotions, and issues can make this work lengthy. Its important to have patience and ask questions. Ensure that you are consistently working toward your goals and when you feel you have sidetracked, mention this to the therapist so it can be discussed. 

How does Family Therapy work with insurance?

As with any insurance, there does need to be an identified client who has an active mental health disorder that is diagnosable. 

At Turning Stone Counseling, we ask these questions when you first make contact with us. Tentatively we will use the person you identify as having a diagnosis as the identified client and then once we meet for our first session, this will be confirmed. If its decided that another person in the family system would be a better fit for the idnetified client, we discuss this and make arrangements for them to become the identified client. 

It can be hard initially when everyone is struggling with something, its important to remember that the diagnosis is just for treatment purpose and can evolve over time; the work in sessions is what really matters. 

Your Next Steps . . .

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