Inpatient Rehab Centers In Indiana

Article provided by: Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

Addiction has the potential to alter your life forever. At Bridges of Hope, our goal is to help you prevent that. It all begins here, at our inpatient rehab centers in Indiana.

How to treat drug addiction

You should never attempt to self-medicate in order to overcome the withdrawal. The most effective way of treating both drug and alcohol addiction is in a specialized institution. Our program offers a comprehensive approach to dealing with the fallout of the withdrawal and preventing relapse.

The strategy that we’re using includes:

  • Comprehensive clinical assessment – Our team of experts will assess your medical status to determine the optimal approach.
  • Dual diagnosis – If our clinicians notice any symptoms of co-occurring disorders related to your substance abuse, you will embark on a specialized treatment during the rehab.
  • Medical detoxification – We use medication to stabilize you physically and psychologically, cleanse your system of toxins, and prevent the short-term relapse.
  • Psychological and emotional recovery – Includes a variety of activities and programs designed to restore your faith and strengthen your positivity and optimism.
  • Long-term relapse prevention – Our goal is to help you reintegrate into society. As a result, you will work closely with our clinicians to form long-term plans and goals towards a healthier life.
  • Personal growth – You will rediscover yourself and learn how to create a better life for you and the people you love.

Is rehabilitation painful?

The intensity of the rehabilitation process depends on the severity of your addiction. You will experience withdrawal, especially if you’re in more advanced stages, which is why it’s imperative to seek professional assistance. Overcoming the withdrawal is never pretty and can even become life-threatening if you lack expert supervision.

It is natural to experience a bit of discomfort in the initial stages of the rehab, but our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our experts are ready to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation. Plus, we will also closely monitor your progress, to prevent any surprises and make sure you advance in the right direction.

Is inpatient rehab effective?

Our inpatient rehab centers in Indiana are some of the most effective in the business. Compared to outpatient care, inpatient programs rely on 24/7 supervision and control, offering all the security and support you need. Studies show that inpatient programs are the most effective when it comes to overcoming withdrawal and preventing long-term relapse.

We don’t just want you to get clean, but stay that way for the rest of your life as well. To make that happen, you need to consider inpatient care, especially if your condition is in advanced stages.

The best inpatient care

If you’re looking for the most performant inpatient rehab centers in Indiana, give us a call! Your future depends on what you decide next.

At Bridges of Hope, we have a team of caring professionals ready to take your case. Pick up the phone, give us a call, and we’ll take it from there!

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Inpatient Rehab Centers In Indiana

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