Kendall Zacker LMSW therapist at pasadena maryland

Meet Kendall Zacker LMSW

Specializing in Anxiety & Depression, Families, Teens & Adults in Pasadena, MD

About Kendall Zacker

I am a Licensed Masters Social Worker in the State of Maryland. I have experience working in residential centers with young adults who are struggling with both emotional/familial/behavioral issues. My previous experience has shown me that helping people truly is a passion and that everyone has different stories that make up their experiences. I believe that counseling doesn’t have to have a direct roadmap as long as you are open to the process.

Therapy is hard! I work hard to find the best strategies and/or interventions to support you and your loved ones but I also want you do want to feel or be better. I will meet clients half way with the hope that they will also want to meet me there. 




Parenting & Families



School Issues

Life Transitions

Insurance & Fees

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Self-Pay

Education, Certifications & License

2022 graduate of Salisbury University

LMSW 29332  expires 10/31/2024

My Approach

I believe that authenticity, connection, and laughter are the hallmarks of building a therapeutic relationship. I strive to create a safe, judgment free space for clients to “spill the tea”.

My approach to therapy will include creativity, questions to explore and understand your life experiences, and lots of listening. My hope is to guide you towards a voice that will empower you to reach your goals.I believe in the importance of having a connection with all of my clients. Without it I find it difficult to make progress.

I connect and build rapport through compassion, listening, laughter, authenticity, and empathy. Sometimes clients may need me to lessen the pressure of talking so I may use games, activities, art projects, and nonverbal communication in writing to help us get your goals met.

Clients who work best with me

√ Clients who show up each week to tackle the difficult work. 

√ Clients who are willing to go deeper into the hard stuff that brought them to this point in their life.

√ Clients who are willing to be a true version of themselves or are working towards a truer version.

√ Clients who are willing to be creative in trying different strategies to acheive their goals.

Fun facts about me

I enjoy painting, coloring, puzzles, weight lifting, pickleball, and spending time with friends. 

I also love animals! So show me some pictures of your animals as we work together.

Meet Kendall

Watch my Introduction video to learn more about me!

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