Kristine Purcell LCPC BC-DMT

Specializing in Dance Movement Therapy, Anxiety & OCD, Trauma, Pregnancy & Beyond in Pasadena, MD

Meet Kristine Purcell



I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Maryland. I have been in the mental health for 11 years.   I believe that counseling works with the right fit, the right goals, and the right foundation. I am a white, CIS gendered female. I am an LGBTQIA+ ally and actively working on understanding how my privilege affects oppressed groups.

My Approach to Therapy:

I will guide you to become more embodied and empowered in your feelings, body, and self so that you can feel more grounded, confident, inspired, and capable of connecting with others. I employ creativity, imagery, metaphor, play, and nonverbal approaches to build your resilience, strength, and sense of self.

I use many different strategies and interventions to help my clients reacht their goals. Foundationally I use movement to understand where you are in the process. This does not mean that we will do movement but it is the lens I see our work through. I do invite clients to engage in movmeent in our sessions when open and willing. The healing power of movement and dance can be seen for hundreds of centuries as a way to express ourselves without words.

Client’s who work well with me:

√ Clients who can be expressive even if you may not be open to movement.

√ Clients who are willing to explore the deeper meaning of what may be going on in their body. 

√ Clients who are seeking a shift, even if its a small one. 

√ Clients who are willing to be creative in trying different strategies to acheive their goals.

My Focus Area’s: 

I work with young children, young adults, adults, and couples. 

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dance movement therapy
Pregnancy & Beyond
anxiety & OCD

Fun Facts about Me

I enjoy being outside, being with my family, and dancing. 

I am a mom, wife, and friend which makes for a busy life. 

Education, Trainings, & Certifications

2012 graduate of Drexell University

I have certifications in Dance Movement therapy.

I have additional trainings in Gottman Level 1, Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD

LC11501 – Maryland LCPC  expires 1/31/2025


I am submitting my application as an Approved Supervisor for provisional counselors in the state of Maryland. 


Meet Kristine

Watch my Introduction video to learn more about me!

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