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Love and Logic©- Not Just Another Parenting Class

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Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ is not your typical parenting class.  It’s so much more.

There is no shaming you for how you parent.  No guilt tripping for not being perfect. Its all about using your words, changing your perception of the end goal, and learning to own your role in this parenting thing. And this is just one of the many reasons why I love it.

It’s about loving your kids through empathy and having a logical, no thrills, make sense end goal. That’s it.

Super simple, concrete steps to take to be better at this whole parenting thing. There’s no magical intervention that’s going to fix your child. It’s just minor changes on how you interact with your child. And it’s awesome.

If you’ve gotten this far than you really want something to change. Maybe you feel like your an awesome parent..it’s the kids problem. You might be right!

I’ve found that many times kids feel like their parents really don’t hear them so they do things to manipulate the situation. In so many ways this is normal development. Learn how to navigate this better. 

Do you feel like parenting stinks at times? You’re right and we all feel this from time to time.  Many times the parents are doing all the work or we are frustrated that they can’t follow simple rules and directions. There are ways to get through to your child. 

Love and Logic©

This is where Love and Logic© comes in. The reality is that this class will work for you if your open to the suggestions. Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ has been around for years. It’s proven to be effective and helpful for most families. It really is just another set of tools to help you navigate parenting. 

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