Devon White


Pronouns: She/Her

Mission & Values

I am passionate about working with anxiety because it is a familiar beast, not only from my personal experiences, but from seeing how it can intrude on the lives of nearly everyone. Anxiety is a curious, shapeshifting thing, and there is so much we can learn about it and from it.

About Me

I grew up a Navy Brat living throughout the United States, but I call Northern Virginia my “hometown.” I earned my undergraduate and masters degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University (Go RAMS!) and have spent the first half of my career working with college students at various universities throughout the United States. I recently relocated to Maryland from Pennsylvania and I am thrilled to be close to the Chesapeake Bay. I live with my partner and our handsome cat, Bunk, on the Eastern Shore. I am warm, open, easy going, and have a playful sense of humor.

My Counseling Services

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