Terese Reamer


Pronouns: she/her

Mission & Values

As a therapist, I am open to you, exactly as you are. I do not see broken people that need to be fixed but purposeful people moving toward an awareness of their innate wholeness and connection to life. The work I do with clients begins with deep listening and acceptance. I provide a safe environment that encourages you to stretch beyond your comfort zones but always respects your tolerance and receptivity. We will not just “talk about” your struggles, but engage in a dynamic and experiential process that is grounded in evidence-based theory and practices.

About Me

I’m a graduate from Loyola University. I enjoy the beach, walks, meditation, spending time with friends and family.

My Counseling Services

Individual, 18+


Meet Our Clinicians

Carlada Razmus

Individual, Group, Family, Couples, 12+

Ashley Augustine

Family, 4+

Kristine Purcell

Individual, Family, Couples, Group, 7+

Madeline Myers

Family, 11+

Devon White

Family, 18+

Emily Mahoney


Family, Group, 13+

Samantha Harris

Family, 12+

Terese Reamer


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