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Moving through Grief – Parent Loss Group

A Six (6) Week Parent Loss Grief Group helping you to move through

painful loss in Pasadena, MD

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Healing through Loss – A Parent Loss Grief Group

Losing a parent is hard even when its expected. Feeling unsure of what life looks like without your parent. Unsure of how to grieve such a big loss can feel uneasy and uncertain.

How do you memoralize a relationship that has such deep roots? It’s not an easy process but moving through your grief with a purpose and some direction can be helpful. 

Our Parent Loss Grief Group focuses on:

         ✓   Helping you find support and resources that will move you forward in your grief process. 

         ✓   Provide you with creative ways to express and process your grief in a safe and supportive space. 

         ✓   Help you to foster opportunities for connection and reduce isolation during this difficult time in your life. 

Currently Enrolling for Fall 2023 Group

When: September 12, 2023- October 17, 2023 Tuesdays for 6 weeks

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Turning Stone Counseling Office 3100F Mountain Road Pasadena, MD

Cost: $40 per session, $240 for 6 weeks

Who: 18+

Women standing sideways looking up at the sky with her arms spread out- Parent Loss Grief Group - Pasadena, MD

Our Parent Loss Grief Group can help you:

  Openly express your emotions without judgment in a supportive space with others who are experiencing the same loss. This can validate feelings, be empowering, while helping you to feel more accepted and understood in your grief journey.

✓ Normalize that your reactions are typical and that there is no “right” way to grieve.

Express you feelings and experiences that may have been creating emotional distress.

This group is for you if:


√  Your loss was over a year ago OR just happened in the past month.

You had a distant or estranged relationship with the deceased.

√  You loved one did not have a traumatic death.

This group may not be for you if:


√  Your loss is complex and complicated.

√  You find yourself unable to move on in your life without your parent.

√ You aren’t able to talk about your loss with others in a supportive environment.

Emily Mahoney LCPC

Meet your Facilitator- Emily Mahoney LCPC LPMT

Emily Mahoney LCPC LPMT is a Clinical Therapist here at Turning Stone Counseling. Emily specializes in grief and loss, and brings years of experience from her previous position as a hospice music therapist. Her compassionate and caring approach is an important part of her ability to help others move through their healing process.

Emily’s background in music therapy allows her to add a more creative dynamic to her work. To learn more about Emily check her out here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance for this group?

Yes we will submit billing to insurances for the following plans: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna/Evernorth, United Healthcare, Tricare-East, John Hopkins USFP/EHP. 

What if I cannot attend the full 6 weeks?

This group does require a commitment of 6 weeks. It helps you connect with the other group members while also supporting you through your healing journey. It is recommended that you commit to all 6 weeks.

Do I need to bring anything to the group?

Absolutely not. Just show up and participate as you feel comfortable. Our therapist is trained in grief groups and understands that this is a challenging experience for most.