Pasadena Maryland Family Counseling

Pasadena Maryland Family Counseling

Families, undoubtedly have a huge impact on our lives. Healthy families help us become better at creating healthy relationships. On the other hand, dysfunctional families with an inability to connect with other people can affect children negatively and result in unhealthy relationships. 

Family therapy is geared toward helping families resolve conflicts and improve communication. If you’re having family conflict or a significant change has affected your family, our Pasadena Maryland Family Counseling is here to help you establish harmony once again. At Turning Stone Counseling, we understand that all families have a unique setting and require assistance in different ways. 

What Happens During Family Counseling?

Our leading therapists in Pasadena MD will sit with you and your family to examine your ability to solve problems. In addition to that, we’ll also look at how your family expresses their thoughts and emotions. In some cases, we’ll interview the different units in the family separately. 

You can expect us to dissect the family roles, behavior patterns, and rules to pinpoint the source of the disagreement. Through our family counseling services in Pasadena, MD, we will also focus on the strengths. The average sessions are usually 12, lasting from 50 minutes to one hour. However, how often you’ll require therapy will depend on the issue your family is facing. 

Why is Family Counseling Important?

Suppose you’re in a family where a loved one is already in therapy to address anxiety, ADHD, depression, or substance abuse. In that case, family therapy is encouraged to foster repair, bring clarity to all the relationships, and nurture closeness. Other benefits of family therapy include:

  • Improved Communication: Communication is the backbone of all relationships. This is mostly the case in families. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings in large groups. Addressing issues through seeking family therapy helps cultivate understanding and more significant insights. 
  • Increase Self Esteem: If you’re in a family that is stuck in troubled situations, seeking family counseling services can remedy this. The disputes and troubles can affect you or a child’s self-esteem. When these issues are resolved, one starts to feel good generally. 
  • Resolve Conflicts: Some issues go on for years in a family unnecessarily. A simple decision to go to the best Pasadena marriage counseling therapists can resolve some of those conflicts. A therapist can point out the root cause of the problem by looking at the relationship dynamics in place. 
  • Support to Address Life Changes: It’s the reality of life that things change, and it’s no different in a family set up. Life transitions include divorce, death of a loved one, or relocating. You may require family and marriage counselors near Pasadena, MD, to help you and your family address these changes. In therapy, you can be vulnerable as you deal with grief or express your actual feelings about such changes. 
  • Strong Bonds: Seeking family counseling services strengthens a family as they learn to communicate better.

Here to Help Families Thrive

We understand that when you teach families the skills necessary to cope with past hurts, you create a better, well-adjusted community. If you’re searching for the leading Pasadena Maryland Family Counseling services, we’re here for you. Contact Turning Stone Counseling to speak with our counselor today. Get the help you need and book your free first appointment by calling 410-841-9647

Pasadena Maryland Family Counseling

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Pasadena Maryland Family Counseling

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