Pasadena MD Movement Therapy

Pasadena MD Movement Therapy

Movement therapy helps with mood disorders, chronic stress, among other issues. At Turning Stone Counseling, we will show you how to move out of your head, into your body. Using Pasadena MD movement therapy, we will guide you in understanding your body’s symptoms and triggers safely through movement and actual talk therapy to offer wholeness as well as transformative growth.

What is Movement Therapy

The American Dance Therapy Association describes movement therapy or dance therapy as psychotherapeutically using movement to encourage social, physical, emotional, and cognitive physical integration of a person to improve their health and overall well-being.

The therapy session may entail movement to music, observing body motions, relaxation techniques, and self-expression through movement as various issues are discussed with the therapist. Creating awareness of an individual’s body in relation to their movement and emotional state provides the tools for coping and resilience and enables problems to be sorted out effectively.

More than 80 percent of human interaction is actually nonverbal. When you talk and comprehend the language of movement, you can heal at the deepest level.

What to Expect During Movement Therapy

A session of dance therapy in Maryland often involves verbal processing, warm-ups, assessment, observations, movement, and interventions aimed at closure. The sessions can be conducted in groups or individually and can be non-directive or structured. While each therapist has their own style, certified therapists follow the same approach, which includes:

  • Assessing, evaluating, and developing treatment goals
  • Executing planned interventions
  • Movement to express personality
  • Therapy which entails verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Adjusting the treatment accordingly to meet the client’s needs

Who Needs Movement Therapy?

A movement therapist works with an individual to help them improve their self-esteem and body image. According to the therapy, emotion and motion are interconnected. Movement therapy is used to treat various issues, and can be effective for those with:

  • Mental Health Issues – Post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.
  • Cognitive Issues – Domestic violence trauma, social interaction, dementia, family conflict, communication issues, and violence.

Physical therapy in Pasadena, Maryland, also helps with hypertension, arthritis, chronic pain, and childhood obesity.

Benefits of Movement Therapy

In a 2007 research at The Arts in Psychotherapy, participants with depression symptoms responded positively to movement therapy, showing that the therapy is quite effective. There are other numerous benefits of movement therapy in Pasadena, such as:

  • Allows People to Express Themselves Freely

Sometimes, it might not be easy to express your emotions, but with the help of movement therapy, you can freely show your emotions. Even with limited mobility, you can still express yourself through your own abilities and energy levels.

  • Stress Relief

Any kind of exercise relieves stress in the body and mind. Movement therapy does the same. It’s a great stress reliever both physically and emotionally. Movement is connected to feelings and thoughts and can bring almost instant change to attitudes and emotions. You might go into your therapy session upset and come out feeling emotionally energized all because of movement.

Mind and Body Psychotherapy

Pasadena MD movement therapy allows you to connect with yourself as well as others and discover how to realize mindful awareness in your body to work through your issues. When you come to us, you’ll receive the support you require to heal from what you’re going through. If you need a physical therapist near Pasadena, get in touch with Turning Stone Counseling to speak to our counselor today. Get the help you need and book your free first appointment on our crisis line: (410) 768-5522.

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