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Relationship & Marriage Counseling in Pasadena, MD

Being better together

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Relationship & Marriage Counseling

Do you find yourself drifting further and further apart from your partner? You once had a passionate, loving, and connected relationship  but it now seems like a constant struggle and the closeness is gone. 

Maybe you are finding the lack of meaningful communication leaves you lonely – you once talked for hours about your dreams, fears, and aspirations. And now, your conversations consiste of surface-level discussions about daily chores, work-related stress, and trivial matters. You find yourselves sitting in silence, each lost in their own thoughts, unable to bridge the growing emotional gap.

It may feel broken and hopeless

Intimacy has also become a point of contention. Physical affection is almost non-existent, and you rarely share tender moments or passionate embraces. You both feel a deep longing for the connection you once had, but can’t seem to find yourway back to it. This leads to doubts and insecurities along with a growing rift, making it even harder to connect on an emotional level.

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Connection, longing, holding out for what you once had!

You yearn to feel that connection again – what brought you two together! It’s hard to let go of the idea that you may never have what you once had but that you can have something even better! 

Most couples make attempts to repair their relationship long before they enter therapy and fail! Why? Because by then you have developed a pattern of communication that doesn’t allow each other to hear or validate or connect. 

Humans evolve daily – so do couples!

Think about the last time you fought – What was it about? Not feeling heard or maybe feeling unsupported in your parenting duties. As we add new people to the mix, whether kids, family, or friends; our relationships can change as well!

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All couples need support from time to time

Whether its the lack of communication, infidelity, or loss of connection, relationships take work! It’s scary to trust someone else to be a part of your story. To trust them to not judge you or pick sides. To put your trust in them to help your relationship get through the tough times. 

This work is hard! It takes to people to create a relationship, so it will take both of you to work through your issues. No one person will be responsible for the work. There may be times where each of you feel the weight of the session. We invite you to embrace the work. 

Relationship & Marriage counseling is great for all issues between two people:

Learning to communicate better


Intimacy & loss of connection

Addressing conflict and wounds inflicted by the other person

Differences in Culture, Religion, & Values

Loss or Life Transitions

To be Proactive about your relationship

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“Repairing a relationship is like fixing a broken mirror. You may never see your reflection the same way again, but the cracks and imperfections become a part of its beauty.”

– Unknown

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Find hope and start healing today!

At Turning Stone Counseling, working with one of our counselors to support you and your partner address your issues.

During Relationship & Marriage Counseling you and your partner will experience the following:

› A thorough assessment of how your relationship currently functions and how you both individually want this relationship to improve.

› Tools and strategies to help you communicate better, find connection, and develop a sense of longing for your relationship.

› Opportunities to maintain progress within your relationship.

Our therapists are trained in various modalities to support your relationship.

Gottman Trained (Levels 1 & 2 trained clinicians)

 RLT (Relational Life Therapy)(Level 1 & 2 Trained Clinicians)


PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) (Level 1 Trained)

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Our Relationship & Marriage Therapists

Emily Mahoney LCPC Therapist

Emily has completed Gottman Level 1 and Imago training to support her couples.

Carlada Razmus LCPC

Carlada has completed Gottman Level 1 & 2, RLT Level 1 & 2, and PACT level 1 training to support couples.

Picture of Kristine Purcell LCPC BCDMT Pasadena, Maryland

Kristine has completed Gottman Level 1 and additional trainings in Imago to support her couples. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Relationship & Marriage Counseling fee’s are listed below. We do not take insurance for this type of counseling. To understand more about why we don’t take insurance please keep reading.


1 hour – $170

30 minute add on – $85

Over the years, it has become increasingly more difficult to navigate billing insurance for family therapy and justifying it as solely one person being supported. Insurance uses a medical model approach to all services provided, so therefore only one person is truly being treated in this model. Couples have become increasingly more complex, bringing issues that are not solely on one person in the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if we need Relationship & Marriage Counseling?

This is a great question. Most people seek counseling/therapy when things are at their worst; this is true for traditional talk therapy as well. We believe that being proactive with any form of therapy can only set you and your relationship up to succeed. 

If any of the above issues resonated with you, your relationship could probaly benefit from counseling.

However it does require a time and financial commitment; which is not always easy. We encourage you to treat couples counseling like you would your bank account… Make regular deposits so that your relationship can stay healthy…Couples counseling can do that. 

I’ve heard how difficult it is to find the right couples counselor, any suggestions?

Getting referrals from friends is great! However hearing terrible stories can be scary when your desperate to fix your relationship. Its important to screen all potential couples counseling yourself. Things to look for in a couples counselor include- training, background, style, any biases they may have that include divorce/religion/addiction/infidelity. Newer therapists should have a strong supervisory component. 

What does Relationship & Marriage Counseling look like?

Depending on the therapists training, every therapist starts couples counseling a little differently. We will sometimes use a structured approach to working with our couples – We meet together, then each person meets individually, then we come back together to solidify goals and expectations. This format allows the therapist to assess each persons goals together and seperately; as well as ensure that we (the therapist) will be able to support your needs. 

Other therapists depending on the needs will do an intensive intake to support their clients that could last up to 3 hours. 

Then in each session we meet together working towards the goals set forth and/or focused on building a sense of safety/security within the relationship. Sessions can vary from length of time to content depending on the therapists style. 

Will you tell us if our marriage will work or won’t work?

Great question! We do not. We work with couples who want to get better and have stronger relationships. We are not discernment counselors.  If one part of the couple is moving towards being out of the relationship, we would recommend discernment counseling. Sometimes this comes up after a few sessions and we then refer and other times it takes alot of work for the couple to get to the point of ending their marriage. 

We have found couples who struggle with connecting to their own feelings may not even be aware of their desire to end the marriage and through the couples counseling journey they connect to this part – In these situations we may refer to discernment counseling or both parties may be in agreement to terminate couples counseling because there is no longer a goal to connect. We play an active role in supporting both parties get to the place they want to be but we do not encourage termination of a relationship. 

How long does Relationship & Marriage counseling take to see results?

Well that depends on both of you. The journey of couples counseling can be challenging. If can bring up wounds that may have nothing to do with your partner yet your partner is greatly affected. Sometimes the process is confounded by parenting struggles that overshadow the other work in the relationship. Since each couple varies so great we cannot give a time frame on this work. We want people to commit to atleast 4 months of work before deciding that couples counseling isn’t right for you; unless one or both parties have decided to not pursue strengthening their relationship. 

It’s important to remember that your relationship did not get here overnight. By the time couples tend to reach the point of therapy, there are so many additional wounds that have occured since the disconnection started happening. Those wounds need to find healing and/or closure  as well. Expect to spend up to a year working on your relationship in therapy. 

Your Next Steps . . .

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