Our Counseling Services

If you’re struggling to find balance and a more fulfilling life, counseling can give you the direction and purpose you need. We believe that through authentic connection change can happen.

Counseling can bring you the clarity and direction you’re seeking.

Counseling Through Life Stages

Whether you’re a parent looking for support for your child or teen; or maybe a soon to be mother who’s experiencing high levels of anxiety; or a young adult who was so excited to be an adult but not think to yourself ‘what am I going to do’. We offer counseling for all stages of life because we know these transitions come with challenges.

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Counseling For Mental Health Issues

At some point in our lives, we hit an intersection where our mental health needs have to take priority. Finding the balance of managing your needs while navigating all of your other roles is hard. Let us help you create sustainable changes to make it easier.

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Specialty Counseling Services

Our unique needs require unique interventions. We offer special services tailored to your needs.

Dance Movement Therapy often creates a deeper shift in the traditional talk therapy done in sessions. Our dance movement therapist uses ever so subtle movements to create lasting change in the work you are already doing.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is a unique add-on to traditional therapy in which the goal is to reduce or eliminate the emotional distress associated with an event in ones life, often identified as traumatic to the individual.

We Offer:

Individual Counseling

Authentic, self driven counseling tailored to your individual needs.

Group Counseling

Groups that support and enhance the growth you have already started to build on.

Family Counseling

Where families heal, connect, and create long lasting change.

Video Counseling

Video counseling to meet the needs of our times and our clients.