Sober Homes Austin

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Sober Homes Austin

What is a Sober home? Sober living houses are regarded as alcohol and drug-free living environments for persons practicing abstinence from all sorts of substance use.

The philosophy of recovery emphasizes 12-step group attendance and peer support. There are sober homes for men, women, and coed. Most sober homes are gender-specific as it allows the hones to avoid sexual drama, give a more centralized theme, and produce more unity and seriousness. 

Sober houses in Austin, TX, are oriented at helping sober individuals get the best transitional experience. It is projected to assist newly sober persons in getting preeminent attention solely focused on their mental, spiritual, and financial health. Services ranging from regular checkups, premier exercises, unbeaten psychological tests to superlative controlled community and family living are available at our different Holistic Sober houses and transitional living programs. 

Our Austin TX transitional housing is available for both males and females coeds and entrepreneurs, not leaving out the artists who want to get their life back on track and need someone to hold their hands up. At our holistic sober homes in Austin, we believe that involvement in 12-step groups and the social network characteristics are strong predictors of outcome, reaffirming the importance of social and environmental factors in recovery.

According to research, an important part of an individual’s social environment is the place they live in. Identifying the importance of the house a sober person lives in led to the idea of removing addicts from the society they used to live in and placing them in sober homes. This will encourage them to get on the sober train fast and grant them support during and after their treatment.

Our holistic sober housing in Austin is second-to-none as we offer top of the line services, which entails;

  • An alcohol and drug-free house for sober patient fresh out of detoxification camp.
  • There is no arrangement for detoxification. That is why we advise patients to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and why we take only sober people after they’re done with their treatment. We do not provide a detoxification camp. We provide a transitional home.
  • We’re trying to build the ideal and ultimate environment that creates a family for the newly sober person; hence we require our residents to abide by house rules, i.e., abstaining from drug use, paying rent, participating in chores, and attending meetings. 
  • Residents are responsible for financing rent and other costs. It is not government-owned, which is why we can give chief attention to our residents. We are not hindered by a long red tape, which is why we can supply the best transitional housing in Austin, TX, and the foremost sober living programs that will encourage our residents and gear them up towards better living.
  • We allow our residents to stay as long as they wish. This also helps rising, and falling addicts get their life into order. The housing arrangement gives them a forever clean atmosphere free of drugs and alcohol and perfect for those who know they are too weak to live among temptation. 

While there are several sober living houses in Austin, Texas, it is evident that 78704 Holistic Sober Living is a home with a difference. Contact 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs to speak with an addiction treatment specialist: 512-270-3142. You can read about our experiences and testimonials. Your future will thank you for your choice of Sober Home!

Sober Homes Austin

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