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Hickory Wind Ranch is a leading sober recovery home in Austin with modern amenities, luxury accommodations, and hundreds of positive reviews from previous residents. We accept new guests amidst COVID-19, with our staff being committed as ever to ensuring their safety and comfort.

What is a sober living house?

A sober living house is a type of living arrangement for individuals recovering from drugs or alcohol use. These act as transitional homes for individuals returning to normal life after several months of treatment at a residential rehab facility. Sober living homes offer its residents a safe and supportive environment, where they can focus on making amends to broken relationships, finding a new place to live, and getting a job.

Sober living homes are a haven for those who do not have a stable home or a supportive family to return to after inpatient treatment. These houses provide individuals with a non-judgemental, trigger-free, and secure ambiance, where they can focus on everyday responsibilities, healing, and recovery. Our sober houses and transitional living programs equip guests with all the essential life skills that they need to resume a happy, fulfilling, and gratifying life after breaking free from addiction.

Role of sober living homes in the recovery journey

Sober living houses act as a bridge between inpatient rehab and the outside world, as recovering addicts need time to adapt and become accustomed to their daily lives. Over 60% of individuals relapse in the first 12 months after inpatient rehab as they feel bombarded by triggers, stressful situations, and cravings. Lack of a proper support system, structure, and accountability after inpatient rehab can make matters worse, causing recovering addicts to fall into the clasps of addiction harder than before.

As a leading sober recovery home in Austin, our optimization and integration programs ensure safe and sustainable recovery and provide patients with a trigger-free, supportive, and calming environment. Sober living homes strengthen an individuals’ commitment to sobriety through weekly group meetings and by creating sober fellowship. By providing our guests with a combination of independence and structure, we make it easier for them to re-adapt to the outside life. The positive friendships that our guests build help to further reinforce their allegiance to sobriety.

Top reasons to choose our sober recovery home in Austin

Ranked as the #1 sober house in Austin, we provide modern amenities, comfortable accommodations, and various wellness programs to help our guests adjust and re-adapt to their routine life. As a pet friendly sober living near Austin, TX, we allow our guests’ dogs to help with recovery.

While you focus on adopting a clean, normal lifestyle during your stay at a sober living in Austin, TX, our mentor network will focus on strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term. With modern amenities like a health club membership, CrossFit classes, UA testing, and monthly maid service, your transition period will be a breeze.

Reach Hickory Wind Ranch at 512 598 5165 to learn more about our sober recovery home in Austin. With a focus on optimizing your recovery and integration back into the outside world, we help you heal and recover by creating accountability, structure, and sober fellowship.

Sober Recovery Home Austin

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