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SPACE Treatment Workshop

Supporting Parents of Anxious Kids

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SPACE Treatment

Are you a parent struggling to help your child with their anxiety? Maybe you find yourself doing things to help your child feel less anxious but in the end their anxiety isn’t any better.

You notice your childs anxiety is taking over your life. You make decisions based on how situations will affect your child thus altering your life. Making things easier for your child, makes it easier for you.


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You Can’t Continue to Live Your Life Like This

Waking up and realizing that your life is not yours anymore makes you sad. Maybe even angry. This isn’t the life you wanted for yourself, your family, or your child. Unsure of how to create change, you just continue what you know works.


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The parent you want to be is right around the corner… You’re ready to make small changes. 

By having the confidence to create small moments of change, you slowly gain control of your life again. And your child begins to manage their anxiety with more confidence of their own. 

Things you thought would always be difficult have become easier. You no longer use your energy fighting your child and instead spend your energy enjoying your time with your child. 

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SPACE Treatment Workshop Starting Soon!

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Starting in January 2023


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What to expect in this workshop: 

white-arrowwhite-arrow 6- 90 minute sessions as a group

Homework between sessions

Commitment from you as the parent to do the work

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Carlada Razmus LCPC

Facilitated by Carlada Razmus LCPC , trained directly by Dr. Eli Lebowitz via the Yale Child Study Center.

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An Evidence-Based Parent Training Workshop for Parents/Caregivers of Children (6-14yo)

Supporting Parenting with Anxious Childhood Experiences (SPACE) is an evidenced based treatment for parents of children who have anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and other anxiety related disorders.  

SPACE works solely with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to identify, reduce, and/or eliminate parent behaviors that accommodate the child’s anxious behaviors. SPACE believes that children can navigate through the discomfort of their own anxieties with the support and encouragement of their parents. 

SPACE was developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center. Through years of working with kids and their parents, Dr. Lebowitz discovered that kids did better when parents could become aware of and alter their own behaviors. To learn more about SPACE go here.

It has been found to be efficacious in randomized controlled clinical trials for the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders. It can be done in conjunction with other types of therapy, as this particular treatment is parent only. Children can feel less anxious following this treatment with the parents ability to navigate accommodating behaviors.   

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SPACE Therapy can help with the following disorders

Generalized Anxiety disorder


Social Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Specific fears & phobias

Panic Disorders and Agoraphobia

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Parental Accomodation

As an effective treatment in reducing childhood anxieties SPACE works on supporting the parent in reducing their own behaviors that accommodate their child’s anxiety.

Accommodations are behaviors parents engage in to remove the child’s anxiety. And its not uncommon for parents to engage in accommodating behaviors. SPACE’s goal is to help you, as the parent, identify these behaviors and eliminate them thus reducing your child’s overall anxiety. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do both parents/guardians need to be present?

It’s always more effective when both parents can be present, however one parent can benefit from this workshop.

Will this negatively impact my child?

Absolutely not. Your child may not like the change you create. They may believe that it negatively affects them, but its helping your child to manage their own anxiety.

What will the outcome look like once I've taken this workshop?

There are many factors that play into the outcome.

  • The severity of your childs anxiety on your behaviors.
  • Your ability to follow through and tolerate the homework.