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Superpowers Secrets

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Here a little test for you… before you continue reading, I want you to name the first person that comes to your mind who has superpowers (fictional or real). Write down your answer and then continue to read.

What came to your mind when you think of someone that possesses superpowers? Did your mind go to comic book heroes like Superman or Wonder Woman? Imagine if any of us had an invisible airplane or a lasso of truth, things would be a lot different right?

You could make your kids or significant other tell the truth and be anywhere fast with your airplane! Or maybe regular people with notoriety come to mind? Christina Aguilera’s voice is outstanding, and Bill Gates is a genius. They must have something that the rest of don’t?

Perhaps you thought of a friend or relative that has a unique gift or that you admire. Your cousin is a talented artist, or a neighbor is an amazing athlete. Often, we look up to those around us who we think have more talent or drive than we do. They must have superpowers to be that gifted? Did you happen to write yourself down? If you did, congrats – YOU GOT THE TEST RIGHT!

I have a little secret for you… you have a superpower!

Your superpower is that no one in the whole world is like you and all your dynamic potential is already inside you. YOU, yes YOU can do things that no one else can do and that is wonderful.

So, show your true colors to the world because they are exceptional, gorgeous, and full of possibilities. It can be challenging and scary to embrace who you are, but the benefits of doing so far outweigh the consequences. It takes courage and vulnerability to live authentically and recognize that you don’t need to be anyone else because your superpowers are within you.

Develop and find your superpower strengths:

Channel your inner THOR, who was renowned as the mightiest hero of mythology. You are also a mighty superhero and have many magnificent powers within you! Sometimes the problem is that we are unaware of where our talents lie and how to use them. So, how do you find your superpowers? The first thing to do is ask the people who care about you-

“What do you think I am good at?”

Once you get a list together from the people around you, review it and find the evidence of where you have used these strengths in your life.

Are you using your strengths at work, with your family, in the community, or beyond? If you feel like your strengths are not being utilized, maybe it’s time to think about what direction you want to go. Ask yourself these questions: Deep in your heart, what really matters to you? What do you want to do with your time on this planet? What sort of person do you want to be? Think about the personal strengths or qualities do you want to develop.

Take some time to think and explore your purpose. It can help to journal about these questions and remember some of the times in your life you have felt the happiest. What were you doing? How were you giving back to the world?

Shift your self-talk:

Let Wonder Woman use her lasso of truth to get you to see how amazing you are! How do you begin to shift your self-talk so it’s more accurate, motivating, and useful in your life? The first step is to recognize what the current narrative about yourself is telling you. Using the power of observation-

write down your internal dialog

or think back to situations where you made assumptions about your abilities. You may be surprised at how many inaccurate scripts about yourself are still playing because of past experiences.

Step 1:

Ask yourself – What memories, worries, fears, self-criticisms, or other thoughts do I get “caught up” in? What emotions, feelings, or urges do I struggle with? For example, maybe you dropped out of college and you have told yourself that you cannot finish tasks or don’t have the focus to do hard things. Is that really the truth or were there other factors going on at that time that made it more of a struggle? Do you always have to be that person, or can you change?

Step 2:

Challenge those beliefs – Is there evidence to the contrary of your negative beliefs of yourself? If you are telling yourself you may not be good at something, was there a time when you tried a new activity, where at first you were not great at it, but over time you became more skilled? There is rarely a time when you always or never do something. If you think you are always late, this is probably not true, there is evidence of you being on time or early in different situations. When we start to attach to these beliefs of ourselves, we only see when are late because our mind does not want to make us a liar.

Step 3:

The final step is to take some time every day (or most days) to write down why you are amazing… AND YOU ARE! What daily success did you have, what went right, and how did your superpowers contribute to the things that went right? If you are having a really bad day, look back to when you most recently felt the strongest, and take time to remember how that felt. Pat yourself on the back if you didn’t totally melt down on a bad day because things can get hard sometimes and that is okay to recognize and accept. You still have superpowers on your worst days.

Let go of what others think of you & direct your attention inward:

Let Cat Woman get catty if she needs to, you can focus on yourself and stop competing with others.

Often in life we think we want something because our neighbors have it or society has tricked us into thinking we have to live a certain way. NO, you don’t have to have a white picket fence and 2.5 kids to be happy; there are alternative ways of living.

Your values should be the guide to how you choose to live and what makes you happy.

Try to ignore the media and your well-intentioned friends and family that insist that you must have certain things in your life to be happy. If you hate yard work, get an apartment! There is no rule that says you need a huge house or a ton of money to be happy. If you are doing things you love and are aligned with your values, then you are going in the direction of a fulfilling life. It’s so important to stop and ask yourself what you truly want and sift out what you have been told you want.

The bottom line is that your path in life is going to be unique and different, just like you are!

Other people will always have opinions on how you are living your life, but you can let them have that opinion without compromising your direction. People pleasing only squashes your true desires, so starting to trust your own judgement is critical.

Recognize that fear and embarrassment of what others think could be holding you back from putting on your superhero cape, and that you may even be projecting what others are thinking. Living your own truth is really the bravest thing you can do. As you increase the awareness of your own superpowers, your confidence will only grow!

Take aligning action:

Batman was a mere mortal, but he built up his superpowers with persistence! If you want to change, you need to find new habits that will help you get to your desired destination. Each day you have the choice to choose your intention for the day and align your actions with your values. Often people fear action because they fear failure. If you make a mistake, it’s just learning one way not to do something.  With great power comes great responsibility and you have that power.

TOP three actions you can do to harness your own superpowers:

Activate your powers first thing in the morning

Get into a positive morning routine by starting the day doing something that is going to make you feel good. If music makes you feel good, crank up your favorite song, if planning for your day gives you a sense of certainty, plan away, or if exercise gets you going, head out for a run.

Focus on one power at a time

If you are working on changing a habit or increasing a strength, focus on one habit at a time. Let’s say you are working on your self-esteem by writing positive statements about yourself every morning. Get that habit ingrained for the next 21 days before you start on the next strength. It is too overwhelming to change everything in your life at once, and it can set you up for feeling you need to be perfect, which is not the goal! Areas in your life you may want to look at to start activating your superpowers are in personal growth, relationships, parenting, work, health, leisure, spirituality, and community. Choose which one is most vital to you and start working on that first. Make that superpower shine!

Invest and promote your superpower

If you are working on refining and practicing a certain skill, what can you invest in to help you along the way? Maybe a book, taking a class, or getting a mentor will help you learn more about strengthening your superpower. Don’t be afraid to get help, using the resources around you to get where you want to be faster. Tell people around you what you are good at and how you have been working on developing your strengths. If there is a direction that you want to go at work, or a new department you want to try out, no one will know unless you make it known that you want to make that switch. Keep promoting and investing in yourself because you deserve the praise!

Let it be known to the world that your superpower is being you because no one can do that quite as good as you can. Embrace it, own it, and pass the message on to others. They may not know what you know, and everyone deserves to feel special and shine their light!

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