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Teen Counseling

Struggling doesn’t have to be done alone. Supporting you teen through counseling in Pasadena, Maryland

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Teen Counseling

You notice your teen is struggling. Are you finding that its difficult to connect with them? Opening up is a thing of the past. Now they are guarded and withdrawn, making you that much more unsure of what to do next.

Maybe their grades are dropping or they seem more distant from their peers. You find your doing everything you can to support them but its not enough. They need more!


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Anxiety in Teens can look like this

→Worrying about grades, friends, and what others say

→ Feeling pressure to always do well, succeed, get into a good college, the future.

→ Increased fears about what’s going on in the world, avoiding things because of these fears.

Depression in Teens can look like this

→Withdrawal form peers and family. Avoiding Socializing. 

→ Irritability and anger more frequently, with no known causes

→ Risky behavior that includes drinking and/or drug use, sexual behavior, or skipping school.

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Other Teen Issues

→Peer Pressure

→Respect & Authority Issues

→Identity and Self-Reflection Issues

→ Struggling wtihin the Family System

→ Self- Worth Issues

Is your Teen Struggling with self-harm thought?

→Are they engaging in self-injurious behaviors?

→ Do they struggle with regulating their emotions?

→ Are you worried about their risk for self-injury or suicide?

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Counseling for Teens can provide

Let’s them know they are not alone

Improvement in socialization, hobbies, and pleasurable activities

Reduces the risky behavior

Helps the family system function better

Improves the teens coping strategies

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