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Therapy for Anxiety in Pasadena, Maryland

Gain Control of Your Life One Step at a Time

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Therapy for Anxiety can help when you don’t feel yourself.

Just when things are going well, you are overcome with worry and fear. Your thoughts get in the way of taking the next step. So you shut down and nothing changes. 

Maybe you notice that you are frequently experiencing rapid heart rate, a sense of dread, or your stomach is always causing you problems. This is not you! You know what it feels like to feel better and you want that back. Anxiety has taken over and you feel like you don’t have control anymore.

Anxiety can make you feel restless or irritable around others. Finding it more difficult to connect with people and be yourself around them. They have not done anything wrong and yet you find yourself lashing out towards them. Your relationships are now affected and you are unsure how to fix things.

Not everyone experiences anxiety in the same way.

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You feel alone and isolated.

Avoiding things that you once took pleasure in. People in your support system don’t understand what’s going on and you can’t describe it to them.

Or maybe you are noticing intense fear for things that never scared you before. The thought of having to do something that your fearful of paralyzes you, so you don’t try new things.

Your hopes and dreams have changed so much because of your anxiety that you don’t know who you are anymore. You want the old you back, but you don’t know how to get there.

Anxiety can have long term effects on our minds and bodies. 

Many times the damaging effects last for years before they are treated. In fact, research has connected many of our nations chronic medical conditions to undiagnosed and untreated anxiety.

Anxiety therapy helps people understand how their thoughts affect their feelings and vice versa. We invite our clients to reflect on how the body can be a guide to recognizing anxiety and then initiating strategies to help your body not reach such a high anxious state. 

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Therapy for Anxiety in Pasadena, MD can help

Many people seek counseling for anxiety and find relief. By developing an understanding of how anxiety functions in your life (because we all experience it differently), you can build strategies to reduce its intensity.

Therapy can be challenging especially when it doesn’t give us immediate results. Treatments for anxiety can help but they require some discomfort as you begin to find other ways to manage your anxiety.

You want to feel better and you deserve to be your best self in life. To acheive your dreams, to be a better friend or partner, and to experience new things. Anxiety therapy can help you reach those goals.

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Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.

– Deepak Chopra

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Find relief today!

At Turning Stone Counseling, we know living with anxiety is difficulty. We also know treatment comes in many different forms. Therefore we will support you as you gain the tools, strategies and confident to manage your anxiety and find what works for you.

During Anxiety Therapy you will experience the following:

› A thorough assessment of how anxiety shows up for you.

› Psychoeducation about how anxiety affects the body and its purpose.

› Tools and strategies to feel more grounded, making everyday life easier.

› A sense of freedom from the confines of anxiety.

Our therapists use many different modalities to support you in this work.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Acceptance-Commitment Therapy, Expressive and somatic therapies, along with education and support.

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Our Therapists who work with Anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best treatments for anxiety?

There are many different treatments for anxiety that are proven effective.

What does therapy for anxiety look like in the counseling room?

Anxiety disorders are more common than ever thanks to COVID, social media, and overall internet use. Statistics now estimate that over 19% of the population experience anxiety disorder. With 31% having experienced an anxiety disorder at some point in their life.

Every person experiences anxiety in different ways. Here at Turning Stone Counseling, we help you identify strategies that work specifically for you in managing your anxiety. We want to normalize anxiety disorders here at Turning Stone Counseling. 

It’s important to know that what works for one client may not work for another. By learning specific strategies and coping skills, you can learn to manage your anxiety in a way that works best for you.

How will I know therapy for anxiety is working?

Not necessarily! Many years ago this was the primary approach to addressing trauma. We now know that trauma therapy approaches don’t require you to relive your traumatic experience; and it can be more damaging to do so for some individuals. However there are still some experiences where re-experiencing may happen. We also want you to feel supported as your work through your healing process so moving to quickly is not our recommended process. 

Do you recommend medication for anxiety therapy?

We do not prescribe medicine. We will work with you on the best course of treatment which may or may not include recommending you see an outside prescriber for medication.

We are a pro-medication practice meaning that we aren’t against it or believe that therapy is the only way to improve. We know medication can be effective in supporting the work we are doing with individuals. We do encourage clients to give therapy a chance by practicing and engaging in the strategies and skills we teach before exploring medications. 

There may be times where certain clients warrant medication before we feel comfortable trying to teach skills and strategies. 

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