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Therapy for Therapists in Pasadena, Maryland

Using your strengths to navigate your struggles

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Being a Therapist is hard! Being a therapist doing therapy is even harder. With the right fit Therapy for Therapists can work!

You know the importance of therapy and the benefits. Yet its the one thing that you keep putting off. Maybe its because you don’t have the time, like so many others. Perhaps you feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out to others who hold similiar positions.

Seeking a therapist for yourself is hard when you feel intimidated or uneasy with another therapist. Your own thoughts can get in the way. You can question your own skillset, maybe scrutinize their skillset. You know you are a good therapist but to doubt yourself while you are trying to address your own struggles is the last thing you need. 

Not all therapists are equipped to help other therapists. They have their own stuff.

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Being a therapist can be isolating.

Life has a way to catching up to us…especially us therapists who put all of our energy into helping others. We forget that we too need to find ways to heal our wounds, find ourselves, or maybe re-evaluate our lifestyles. 

Its hard to navigate the stressors from being in a world that was shut down for several years. Then expected to return to normal life at the same pace we were pre-pandemic. So many of us are still supporting our loved ones who are adjusting, not finding time to do this for ourselves. 

Therapists often forget they are also humans who have the same issues as all other humans with just an added layer of knowledge. That knowledge doesn’t need to prevent you from taking care of yourself. 

The human factor is what makes seeking counseling so important now. Don’t get caught up in needing to do it all by yourself. You know this is not what you are teaching your clients to do…so don’t expect that from yourself. 

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Therapy for Therapists in Pasadena, MD can help

Finding a therapist who works with other therapists can be really difficult. The amount of effort it takes you to seek out someone is almost double what our clients experience – you know the skillset you need, you need to avoid potential conflicts with those you refer too, the right fit is very important to you!

Once you find a good fit – you’ve then put yourself in a position to be vunerable with someone. The risk of being judged as a therapist can feel overwhelming. Its hard to open yourself up and let your walls down so you can focus in on your goals. This rapport building stage can feel like an unnecessary step and often the most challenging for therapists seeking their own therapy.

Simple forms of connection like clarifying or reframes may feel ingenuine coming from another therapist…maybe too simplistic. In the beginning, expect to take your time getting to know your therapist and letting them get to know you. 

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In my early professional years I was asking the question, How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?

– Carl Rogers

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Find relief today!

At Turning Stone Counseling, we know finding a therapist who has the experience you need to help you move through the work while addressing your struggles is important to you. This is no easy task. The challenges we all face as therapists right now has never been greater. Burnout has never been this high in our field. And more than ever relief is what we all need.  Know there is support for you.

During Therapy for Therapists you will experience the following:

› A thorough assessment of your needs, what works and what does not and any barriers you believe may prevent you from getting the help you need.

› Tools, strategies, and direction to help you meet your goal.

› A sense of relief in knowing you made the right connection.

Our therapists use many different modalities to support you in this work.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Acceptance-Commitment Therapy, Expressive and somatic therapies, along with education and support.

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Our Therapists who work with other Therapists

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any of these therapists work with me?

Unfortunately no. Just like we want our clients to be good fits for us – we have working knowledge, tools, and training in our clients issues/struggles – we want that to be true for you as well. Its super important that your therapist not only work with therapists and have experience and comfort in working with other therapists; but they need to also have understanding of your specific issues. 

We want all of our clients, especially therapists to feel that not only do they have someone who can help them move through the discomfort of being a therapist seeking therapy but also feel they will benefit from their therapists insights. 

Does the therapist need to have additional training to work with me?

There is no additional training for therapists to work with other therapists. The challenges therapists face when they seek their own therapy (outside of their reason for seeking therapy) is often related to vunerability, imposter syndrome, and judgement. Its natural to feel uneasy about your own skill set when working with therapists; as well as struggle to be you in session. We get so much training surrounding our sessions being solely about our clients that when a therapist comes into therapy, they lack the ability to just be themselves and share that with another person. There is no training for that, just experience and really good rapport building skills; coupled with their skillset to treat their issues.  


How will I know if its a good fit?

You would think that you would know when you’ve found the right fit since you are a therapist. However its really not as simple as that. We invite you to give yourself atleast 3-4 sessions with the therapist to see if you connect and determine if their skillset may match what you need. If you feel an immediate connection, that’s great! But if not, explore within yourself what may be holding you back from connecting. 

Your Next Steps . . .

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