Youth Counselors Pasadena MD

Youth Counselors Pasadena MD

Children are a source of joy to their parents. However, when they’re going through issues, they can be a source of constant worry for most parents. Therapy is one form of treatment that a parent can purse to get their child or adolescent to deal with any issues they’re facing. Taking your child to youth counselors in Pasadena MD for therapy can help you gain valuable insights into their wellbeing. At Turning Stone Counseling, our clinicians are skilled in evaluating your child's social and mental health and emotional development. 

Treatment Approach to Children and Teens

Many issues affect a child's wellbeing, such as new schools, divorce, grief, bullying, among other problems. You need the best child therapist in Pasadena, MD, to identify, recognize, diagnose, and treat these issues ranging from psychological issues to mental health conditions and problems adjusting. We have various approaches we use to treat children and adolescents, such as:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Children Vs. Teenagers

CBT is talk therapy that helps people recognize unhelpful thought patterns. Our child or adolescent therapist in Pasadena, Maryland, uses this form of therapy in different ways when treating children and teenagers. For young children, it can include the use of a worksheet to aid in visualization. Homework sessions are added to keep the child engaged off session. 

CBT helps teenagers deal with self-harm, eating disorders, low self-esteem, bullying, and substance use. This form of therapy changes thought patterns and unhelpful behavior by replacing it with adaptive thought patterns.

Another significant difference that has been observed by our child psychologist in Maryland, MD, is that teenagers may be opposed to therapy. Adolescent therapists may need to put them at ease to establish an environment conducive for future visits. However, the fact that children are too young to understand the process makes them able to go for counseling with little to no resistance.

Play Therapy for Teenagers Vs. Children

Play therapy has been used extensively for kids and adolescents. For kids, it involves using toys, blocks, dolls, and drawings to help them discover and express their feelings. Our leading child development therapist will look at how your young one interacts with these items to identify patterns and understand the problems they’re facing.

For adolescents, we aim to encourage teenagers to understand their feelings and thoughts through creative interventions. Our therapists who are experienced in counseling for troubled children can attest that teenagers are often intolerant and uncommunicative. This form of therapy helps teens discover themselves more as they become mature by managing their emotions and conflicts better. 

Counseling Motivation for Teenagers Vs. Children

There are significant differences between the issues or triggers that young children and teenagers face. A parent will seek therapy for their child if there’s a considerable change in their lives, causing them to withdraw socially or act out. It could be a result of various issues, including death in the family, relocation, or a divorce. 

For teenagers, the above factors could also be a problem, but the added adolescent developmental stage in their lives causes an upheaval. We have the best child therapist in Pasadena, MD, who recognizes this phase and can guide your teenager through it. 

We Have You and Your Child's Interest at Heart

Many treatment approaches may appear to be similar for children and teenagers. However, given their age differences, the therapy approach will be varied to address their unique needs. Our youth counselors in Pasadena MD will create an individualized treatment program to help your child achieve the best out of therapy. Contact Turning Stone Counseling to speak with our counselor today. Get the help you need and book your free first appointment by dialing 410-841-9647.

Youth Counselors Pasadena MD

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Youth Counselors Pasadena MD

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